A Whole Lot of Diaper Bags

Diaper bags have evolved in so many ways as aided by the creative hands of the top designers in the industry. Designer diaper bags are found to be really comfortable to use and at the same time are very fashionable. And so mommies and babies, even daddies love and trust designer diaper bags. But it is more widely used by mommy and baby because of the most time spent together anytime and anywhere.

Diaper bags, like any other bags are also outlets of expressing one’s devotions and feelings. Mommies with baby girls can easily spread the words GIRLS RULE. And they can start it with their Baby girl diaper bags, among others. Through time, designers have created various designs fit for girls. And those bags truly exude femininity. And it is very befitting for the gorgeous mommy and precious little baby girl.

Now, let us take a look at designer diaper bags that are very feminine and are best worn by mommies with their baby girls.

Chloe Diaper Bag by Maelee

This bag comes in different colors such as brown, black, and white. This bag may be seen as the perfect result of combining sophisticated and functional. This stylish baby bag is made of soft genuine leather. At first look, you could almost think that it is not a baby bag because of its executive chic appeal. But you would notice right away that it has two big bottle holders in front, which will then make you realize, indeed, it is a diaper bag. Once you take an inside look, you would be glad to know that it lining is water proof, so you will not have to worry of all the bag when the interiors get wet. Also, it has two way zippers so you can have the bag flat wide open like a tool kit where you can see all of your things lying on the bag in an organized manner with the help of its multiple compartments and pockets inside. Plus, you will also have a diaper changing mat included in this bag.

Flower Power Messenger Diaper Bag by Cricket and Monkey

Look like a teenager and have your baby mistaken as your sister with this hippie flower bag. It is specifically made for organized mommies who are always on the go with all of the needed necessities. You can surely pack in all of the things you and baby might need without making the bag look like a big bulging sac. It is very spacious with its nine pockets, an unnoticeable bottle pocket, and two more pockets under the bag flap. It makes use of a tabbed magnetic metal for secured closure. Its shoulder strap may be adjusted on your preferred height. It even has metal footings for the bag to be stable when put down on a surface.


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