Acupuncture Treatment – Acupuncture for Stress Symptoms

In today’s life everybody is so engaged in earning money and beat their rivals that they hardly find any time for themselves and their family. He works more than his capacity. As a result of that, he becomes the victim of stress. This stress affects their health I negative way. For this they run to doctors who suggest them allopathic treatment which suppresses the stress symptoms but make the body immune system weak and more prone to disease.

Thankfully we have a safe method to overcome this stress in our body i.e. acupuncture treatment. This treatment is a Chinese healing art that uses superfine needles inserted in body parts. According to its theory, energy flows through our body in the channels known as meridians. These meridians lie all along the length and breadth of the body and are associated with all the body organs thus providing them energy. On these meridians lie the acupuncture in Burlington points which have association with one or the other body organ. In the situations of stress, blood and energy flow is restricted which results in stagnation.

Stress causes flight or fight response in the body as a result of which blood stress hormone, cortisol, is released which makes a person feels irritation, anger, frustration, difficulty in sleeping, tension in muscles of neck and shoulders, depression, pain in body parts including headaches and migraines, premenstrual symptoms in women, bowel’s syndrome etc. This increases blood pressure and makes immune system weak. Due to all these a person feels hatred towards life and looses the zeal of living life.

When acupuncture is performed on a stress patient, tissues and muscles get activated that helps in movement of chi and the blood. Acupuncture stimulates brain to release stress suppressing hormone endorphins and serotonins which causes a deep relaxing feel in the mind reducing stress. It also helps to lower the level of cortisol in blood and removes toxic substances by improving blood circulation. It reduces sympathetic nerve activity thus lowering blood pressure and heart beat rate.

A patient feel relaxation in one session only that lasts for 30-60 minutes. Some people may fall asleep during the treatment only. In general, a regular acupuncture treatment for stress symptoms gives you the best results and makes you feel alive again. With this, muscles movement is enhanced thus tension and stiffness is released causing a relief in pain in neck, shoulders and other body parts. Acupuncture provides a great comfort for headache and migraine patients. It increases the circulation of blood thus providing tissues more of oxygen and makes them work more and more. Regular yoga and meditation, and healthy and nutritious diet also help a lot in stress reliving.

Some people do not consider it safe and are hesitate for this treatment as it includes pointed needles. But these needles do not cause any pain; just a slight sensation is felt for a sec during insertion. Once the needles are inside you start feeling relaxed. What you require is the proper selection of your acupuncturist. He should be a licensed one so that there is no risk of infection with needles.

You can also enhance your knowledge about acupuncture for stress symptoms by surfing on internet. You will find a no. of websites for health clinic with such services. You can also leave queries in their mailbox and will soon get an answer for them. But yeah, before taking any decision content yourself with their authenticity.


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