Bar and Hotel Cleaning – Essential Equipment

Whilst nobody would debate the importance of good service in a bar, hotel, or restaurant, cleanliness is just as crucial for ensuring your customers are happy.

Nobody wants to drink, eat or stay in a dirty establishment so cleanliness and hygiene should never be understated in their importance.

Ensuring you have the right cleaning and janitorial equipment is just as important as making sure you have the right bar accessories – otherwise, you will soon lose customers who will become tired of the mess, spills and grubbiness.

Janitorial equipment is just like ordering other Club equipment in that you have to remember its functionality. Fancy sensor bins or elaborate mops may work well in a home-kitchen environment but they may not do so in the confines of a busy working pub, bar or hotel

A good quality mop and bucket are perhaps the most fundamental of janitorial accessories. These range from small buckets with wringers to large mop buckets on castors, for the larger premises.

A janitorial trolley should be considered for a hotel or larger establishment as the cleaning technician can store everything they need, making the process a whole lot more efficient.

Making sure you have enough bins, both indoors, behind the bars and in the kitchens; and externally, large enough to cope with the waste between being emptied, will also making keeping everywhere clean a lot easier.

A good supply of cloths and cleaning products are crucial too as running out can lead to the premises becoming messy, alarmingly quickly.

Other ways of helping with cleanliness it ensure you provide smoking bins outside. These are vital now with smoking bans and will help prevent all the cigarette ends from building up outside.

Janitorial equipment is just as crucial as other bar equipment and accessories so it is always worth looking for quality rather than for the cheapest solution. Stainless steel is a good idea when available as it will last and not become as grimy as other materials and ensuring all cleaning products are kept maintained and are cleaned will also ensure their longevity.

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