Best Kitchen Knife Set On a Modest Budget

Best Kitchen Knife Set On a Modest Budget

Best Kitchen Knife Set On a Modest Budget

Choosing a kitchen knife set is one of the toughest things for any avid home cook to do. You don’t want to go too cheap on the set you’re buying because you know that the quality just won’t be there. You’d really like one of the top-notch sets from a company like Global, but it just isn’t in the budget. Getting a good set is important because you’ll be using it pretty much every day. Luckily for you, there are some great mid-range kitchen knife sets on the market. The following tips will help you to save money and still get the quality you’re looking for.

Pickings are slim for those looking to spend less than a hundred dollars on a kitchen knife set deals. There are really only a couple brands I’d recommend that sell sets for less than a hundred dollars. The first is Farberware. While you aren’t going to find a set of Farberware knives in the kitchen of most chef’s world-wide, you’re getting a good blade for the money. The value stops at the blade. Farberware sets look nice, but it’s obvious where they cut corners to keep the cost down. The handles are cheap, and are easily dinged up and chipped. As long as you aren’t rough with your knife set, you can get a decent blade for a good price from Farberware.

The second sub-100 dollar kitchen knife set I’d recommend is any one of the many cheaper Ginsu sets. it might be surprising to some to hear that Ginsu knives are made in America. They are made from Japanese steel in a manner similar to the way samurai swords used to be made. Ginsu knives were made famous in the early 80’s via a set of infomercials showing them cutting through all kinds of things normal knives couldn’t handle. The cheaper Ginsu knives are made of a lower grade of Japanese steel than the high-end sets, but you still get a super-sharp set of knives at a low price. Just make sure you clean and dry them after every use and they’ll last you a long time.

If you can afford to spend a little bit more money, you’ll be rewarded with a much better set of knives. The sets on offer for between one and two hundred dollars are made of better steel, and will last longer than the cheaper sets. JA Henckels, Calphalon and Chicago Cutlery all make good sets in this price range, as does Anolon. When you look at people’s wish lists on Amazon, you’ll see sets from all 3 of these fine makers of cutlery showing up time and time again. If I had to pick one, I’d probably go with Analon, but that just comes down to personal preference.




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