Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery can improve the size and shape of your breast. The development of the surgical procedure and breast-implant technology has become more advanced, which provides better post-surgical results than years ago. This procedure may be combined with a breast lift to give a fully satisfactory result. Breast implants are placed in the breast in one of three different ways:

-Sub glandular implant placement
-Sub muscular implant placement
-Complete sub muscular implant placement

These placements varied from shallow (sub muscular) to deep (complete sub muscular) the best possible implant location depends on the size of the breast implants, anatomy and other factors related to your objectives and expectations. breast implant surgery provides you more control over your size, shape, and profile. It can also improve your appearance after giving birth or child bearing, and also restores your youthful appearance. Keep in mind that sagging breast require a lift, which can be performed with or without implant.

Additionally, breast implant comes in many variations including

– Implant exterior: smooth or textured implant
– Form: round or shaped implant
– Profile: how distant the implant can extend beyond
– Implant size or volume: 120 to 850 CC
– Implant material: silicone or saline

The type of breast implant you choose is based on your profile and increased-size goals, as well as other individual and anatomical factors. For an instance, if you want to restore your breast to pre-pregnancy or pre-breast feeding appearance, you need to undergo breast lift to treat the sagging appearance or improve the size of the genetically smaller breasts.

The surface of the implant is also important for so many reasons. Implant with textured surface was designed to lessen the chance of capsular contraction. However, textured implant is more likely to be visible through the skin, depending on the implant placement. The profile, shape and volume of the implant should be selected based on your breast-line goals. These factors are also affected by the implant placement. Choosing the right implant for you may be overwhelming particularly when considering the above mentioned factors. However, there are some ways on how to begin putting the pieces together:

The implant anatomy fills you in on choices of materials. You must also understand the main types of implant materials (silicon and saline). You must know that the implant location work better for certain situation.

After identifying the factors that may vary in deciding to have a breast implant surgery, now you should know how to recover from this type of surgical procedure. This type of surgery needs long recovery period for patients; the recovery time can be varied from a couple of days to few weeks depending on the condition and elasticity of the skin. Once the initial healing phase is over, there are still limitations you need to know about. You must plan to take a few days off from work or school to recuperate. Read on to understand how to recover from breast implant surgery.

Things you need to do to achieve fast recovery

Set out fluffy pillows to increase your comfort level, elevate your torso to reduce swelling. Place water and snacks beside your bed because Anesthesia used during implant surgery may cause nausea or stomach discomfort. Water and snacks will help to relieve the pain and settle your stomach. Prepare your medication and placed them near your bed. You may ask the assistance of your family or friends to care for your children while you recover. Take a lot of rest and limit your movement for the first few days after your surgery.

Prepare ice packs to manage swelling. If you have frozen packages of fruit, they may also prove useful for reducing pain and discomfort. Buy comfortable over-sized shirts that button in front. Getting your arms in a shirt and pulling it over your head will be impossible the day after surgery. You can start massaging your breast as early as possible to prevent encapsulation or hardening of the scar tissue. You don’t have to worry because your surgeon will teach you self-massage techniques that are safe to perform with your breast implants. Always wear your post-surgical bra until your surgeon has seen your incisions. He will tell you whether your recovery is progressing as expected. The doctor will also advise you when it is fine to stop wearing the bra. You must avoid lifting heavy objects until you see your physician. The strain of weight on your incision can cause tearing or popping of the stitches. Check if you have post-operative fever because this could be an indication that you might have an infection after the surgery.

Warning after breast implant surgery

You should do research after care treatment facilities if you have enough budget for this. These comfortable accommodations are sometimes handled by nursing professional trained to check infection.

Side effects of breast implant surgery

Breast implants may hinder with breast feeding though many women have successfully breast feed after the surgery. It is advisable that you tell your plastic surgeon about your plan to breast feed after your surgery.

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