Career Prospects For Administrative Assistants

The career prospect for administrative assistant is quite varied and offers the opportunity for advancement as well. They have a variety of responsibilities including

* Dealing with office correspondence, including emails

* Doing documentation work such as meeting minutes, memos, reports etc

* Managing office supply of stationary & furniture

* Maintaining and ordering office equipment like printers, phones etc

* Front office jobs including answering phones and handling EPBX system

* And Secretarial work and

The career prospect for administrative assistants is not limited to office secretaries or assistants only. An administrative assistant can look into the roles of medical secretaries, legal secretaries and even virtual assistants. Medical secretaries require specialized training along with the usual training for administrative assistants, which include medical terminology, legality etc. As medical secretaries administrative assistants can work for smaller clinics and individual doctors and not just big hospitality careers.

Career prospect for this profession also include the job of a legal secretary. For this role, the professionals in this field, have to take courses on legal terminology, procedures, documentations etc. Such work will include working extensively with legal clients and associates of the firm as well. Again in this role as well, the administrative assistant can work for bigger law firms or individual attorneys etc.

Another career prospect for this assistant is the Virtual Assistants service. These are internet based companies that take responsibility of the administrative part for other businesses. Since administrative assistants in these companies serve multiple businesses at the same time, they earn on a per hour basis and have different salary structure then other roles.

Career prospect for administrative assistant also include chances of promotion and better salary by attaining the roles of executive secretaries and personal assistants. Candidates with college degrees find it easier to climb the proverbial ladder from front office roles to executive secretaries and assistants, where the salary is much higher.

However, even without higher education level, a successful career and long experience can also lead to these jobs. Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants mostly work with individuals like company CEOs and Executives who are too busy to manage anything else beyond their immediate work. The salary in such roles tends to be proportional to the responsibility. And if you can make yourself indispensable to your boss, then you may be looking at a good retirement fund as well.


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