Five Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Marble Table Top

Five Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Marble Table Top

As most of the people know, marble is a natural stone popularly used for flooring and tiling in households. Besides that, marbles are also used as tabletops for they are durable, long lasting and easy to maintain. The presence of salt, iron and silt creates a remarkable veining pattern on the stone, thus, making it more appealing and attractive. Though, it calls for dedicated maintenance for keeping the surface crystal clean and shining. Mentioned below are five handy tips which can help you clean your favorite tabletop or Dining Marble Tables within minutes. Check them out:

Tip 1
The best thing to prevent stain or spots on your marble table top is by blotting up the spills as soon as possible. Since it is a relatively softer stone than others, it can be instantly damaged by harsh liquids like soda and citrus juice. Thus, all you need to do is lay a rag over the spill and firmly try to extract as much liquid from the marble base as possible.

Tip 2
Another idea to clean a marble top is by adding one part of baking soda to one part of dish soap and eight parts of water in a bowl. Just dip a clean piece of rag within the solution and wipe the table in a circular motion. The marble stone would come out clean as the baking soda would work as a gentle abrasive to remove surface stains, while the dish soap would help in removing grease and oils spots from the marble.

Tip 3
In case of stubborn stains, put small amount of the baking soda onto the stain and let it sit there for three hours, then wipe clean the marble coffee table surface to remove the stain.

Tip 4
Avoid air drying of marble as it might end up in making the surface look dull. Always dry the tabletop with a soft cloth. Circular motions would work well here.

Tip 5
Marble polishes are a good option for sparkle cleaning the table top. Just spray the marble surface with bleak layer of marble polish and use chamois cloth for buffing. Marble polish tends to add a coating onto the porous surface of the table along with a layer of wax which adds sparkling shine and prevents the table from damages.



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