For Personal and Business Success – Surround Yourself With Successful People

Are you struggling in your Personal and Business Success efforts? ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are,’ so goes the old cliché. There’s some truth in that old saying. The company we keep not only reveals but also influences our frame of mind, all of which can positively or adversely affect our chances in everything we do. It is not for nothing that the Holy Bible says “Iron sharpeneth Iron.”

Have you not noticed how the wealthy and affluent people mingle and mix among themselves? No, they’re not being selfish. They are networking, exchanging information, sharing ideas and comparing notes. The business world is tough-any business. And there’s always the danger of giving in to discouragement and quitting. Mixing with successful people, especially in your line of business helps to encourage and inspire one another.

Not all wealthy people are inheritors. Many arrived in this world dirt-poor but went on to build a fortune for themselves through hard work and mixing with the right company. Success comes through learning and applying success principles. And there can be no better or faster way to learn than from those who have preceded you, especially those who have already accomplished what you are seeking to accomplish.

Just think about it for a moment: if your goal is to become successful in public speaking, wouldn’t it make sense to hang around renowned public speakers? You’ll need to observe firsthand what they do, how they prepare for speeches. You’ll also need to ask them pertinent questions. Or if your goal is to become an author, you’ll enhance your chances if you spend most of your time with successful authors.

This principle also applies if your goal is to achieve financial success through online network marketing. You’ll need to identify and associate with others who are already achieving substantial success in this activity. What is it they’re doing that’s bringing them success? Remember that the things you’ll learn from successful people go beyond business strategies. Attitude and individual mindset are also parts of success principles

Most of the time, unsuccessful people are negative in their mindset. They have a negative mental attitude which influences the way they approach their business and pretty much everything else they do. Typically such persons have dead-end jobs, they have very little money, their lives have stagnated, and they’re always complaining.

They have very little going for them. The problem is that such persons can easily bring such negative atmosphere into the lives of those around them. So, if you hang around such persons you won’t get any encouragement. You are more likely to slow down in your activities. You don’t need that, do you?

Wealthy people on the other hand have mastered the road to success. Typically they enjoy the things they do, and they have used their positive mentality to create an aura of joy and happiness around them. They have so many things going for them, such that even when a few things don’t quite turn out as expected, it doesn’t materially affect their state of happiness. How can you not be influenced by that kind of atmosphere?

More than that, when you surround yourself with successful people, you’ll also learn exactly what it is that’s helping these individuals to succeed in the things they do. Successful people are successful for a reason, just as unsuccessful people and quitters all have reasons for failing. Surround yourself with successful people so as to enhance your chances of succeeding in your chosen vocation.


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