From A to Z: Understanding Vape Pod Terminology and Jargon


Vaping, with its ever-evolving technology and culture, comes with a unique set of terminology and jargon. If you’re new to the world of vape pods or looking to brush up on your knowledge, this guide will take you from A to Z, demystifying the essential terms and phrases used by flum pebble vapers worldwide.

A – Atomizer:

  • The component responsible for heating the e-liquid and turning it into vapor. It usually consists of a coil and wicking material.

B – Battery:

  • The power source of your vape pod system that provides energy to heat the coil.

C – Coil:

  • A wire or set of wires that heats up when the battery is activated. The coil vaporizes the e-liquid.

D – Direct-to-Lung (DTL):

  • A vaping style where vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs, similar to taking a deep breath.

E – E-Liquid:

  • The liquid that is vaporized by the atomizer. It typically contains nicotine, flavorings, and a base (usually propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin).

F – Flavor Chasing:

  • A vaping style focused on experiencing the full flavor of e-liquids. Flavor chasers use low-power devices and specific coil builds to enhance taste.

G – Glassomizer:

  • A type of tank or atomizer with a glass enclosure, allowing users to see the e-liquid level.

H – High Resistance (HR):

  • Coils with higher resistance, typically above 1.0 ohms. They require less power and produce less vapor.

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