Garden Planters – Let Blooms Bloom Year Round

Garden Planters – Let Blooms Bloom Year Round

Garden planters come in so many shapes and sizes that it’s hard to get them all in one article. In addition to the traditional box shaped garden planters, homeowners can choose from among metal planters, window boxes, garden urns, stone or terracotta planters and even self-watering planters.

What’s a gardener to do?

Plant year round. Garden planters don’t have to be a spring or summertime place to grow your beauties any longer. Thanks to new strains of plants and flowers and new growing techniques you can enjoy the blossoming beauty of flowers all year long.

Of course, it’s hard to beat the beauty of traditional wood garden planters. The wood meshes perfectly with the plantings, creating a natural look. Adding plastic liners will allow your wooden garden planters to look like new for years to come. Just remember to avoid the temptation to use stains and sealers. These can be toxic to plants.

Wood planters look good just about any place you add them, whether it’s on a deck or patio or in the garden. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more ornate, consider concrete garden large outdoor planters instead. These look particularly nice in exposed locations, such as walkways, along driveways or near the street. They are perfect for holding large shrubs or trees.

Garden urns are another good choice for garden planters. Similar to the concrete garden planters, these work best along a walkway, on the corner of a patio or in the middle of other bushes. The additional height allows your plantings to stand out, while adding classic elegance to your landscaping.

Both of these solutions aren’t portable. Urns and concrete garden planters are heavy, particularly when they’re loaded with dirt and plants. So you don’t want to use them when you want portability.

If portability is desirable, you may want to opt for fiberglass, resin or metal garden planters. These are made of lighter materials so they’re easier to move around. This is particularly important if you live where it can freeze or snow. When a winter freeze its on it’s way, you can simply move your plants to a less exposed area.

If you have large windows, you may want to add window garden planters to your landscaping. Often called window boxes, these garden planters not only bring the flowers up to a level where you can enjoy their beauty daily, even when indoors, but they also add visual splendor to your home, softening the angular lines of windows and siding.

Speaking of indoors, you can also use garden planters indoors. In today’s larger homes, it’s easy to add an urn, stone garden planter or terracotta pots to entryways, foyers and great rooms. You can also use wall planters for added natural beauty in your home. These garden planters mount easily on your wall and can hold smaller plantings, such as hanging vines, which will drape gracefully below these ornate garden planters.

Whatever you chose, be sure that your garden planters are the right size. A plant needs space to spread its roots and get enough water as it enjoys new surroundings.


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