Getting The Most From Your Central Heating Boiler

Getting The Most From Your Central Heating Boiler

There are many types of appliances on the market today that can make your home more energy efficient and can help you save money on your fuel bills. Many homes are still fitted with ageing back boilers, which usually have an integral gas fire, this in turn heats domestic hot water and supplies a cylinder to store the hot water. This type of installation can be quite inefficient as a large quantity of water is stored but in some instances may never be used. In addition, the boiler itself is quite inefficient with a rating of around 60 per cent.

Condensing modern combi-boilers by comparison are 90 per cent efficient as they only heat the water on demand so there is no need to store it for use later. The design features a heat recovery system, which extracts heat from the waste gas flue and reuses this energy to supplement the heating of the central heating system.

As a replacement they can provide significant benefits over an older conventional boiler, for example, it is less likely that repairs are required, and with improved reliability you wont have to call a gas engineer to attend to breakdowns in the winter. They also require less maintenance than older models and use less fuel so you can save all round. Spares are also becoming more difficult to obtain for older models.

If you are looking for a significant home improvement then the good news is that there are a range of models available that can meet your particular needs, in rural areas and remote locations there is no mains gas supply. However an eco-friendly biomass boiler Cv storing which uses wood based fuel from sustainable sources can be fitted in your home with the added simplicity that many appliances now have automatic wood pellet feeds saving you time from manually charging the boiler, fireplace or stove.

LPG and Oil boilers are also available, which perform just as well as natural gas models. All of these appliances look and operate in a similar way to your conventional boiler. If you do opt for replacing your boiler ensure you get a Gas Safe fitter or qualified plumber to carry out the work, you will also get a guarantee of good workmanship and recourse if something go wrong. For biomass installations it is best to call MCS certified tradesmen for this type of installation. You may qualify for a grant under the green deal scheme if the eligibility criteria are met.



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