living room modern interior design

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating contemporary interior design into your living room. Look at this living room, for example. The entire setup plays with interesting textures, colors and patterns. Everything from sofas to rugs to cushions comes in muted colors. A textured accent wall with a geometric pattern enhances the overall aesthetic of the space. Take a look at the geometric shapes of wall art and floor lamps. The coffee table with its marble top and metal legs is a modern design signature. Plus, French windows do a great job of bringing natural light into the space. after using this your will look awsome

Modern style interior design ideas for the dining room

Many people think that the interior in the modern style is too monotonous if you use light tones of color. This dining room proves that modern color scheme interior design can liven up a space without too many colors. The color palette of turquoise, beige and white makes the space airy and cozy. Whether it’s wallpaper with geometric patterns, bio-friendly wall art, custom-designed rugs, marble tiles or seamless kitchen cabinetry, everything comes together to create an elegant atmosphere. The muted colors and clean lines of the dining table and chairs ensure simplicity and minimalism.

Modern interior design ideas for kitchens

Don’t forget to keep it simple when choosing a modern interior design theme for your kitchen. Choose shades of white, ash gray or taupe for modular furniture. Stick to the basic layout so the space doesn’t look too busy and cluttered. Decorate your kitchen with stylish handles and patterned backsplashes like this one. Windows bring in plenty of natural light, and soft cabinet backlights brighten up the countertop space, making the kitchen feel fresh and vibrant.

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