Medical Device Sharpening – Dental Instrument Sharpening Tips

A dental instrument must be kept sharp and rust-free to make it work effectively. Doing oral surgery and restorative work becomes easier when done using sharp instruments. Surgical sharpening of a dental instrument is a complex work and should be left on medical device sharpening experts to do so.

A sharp dental instrument also makes it easier to perform teeth scaling on patients with much precision, without causing any undue pain to patients. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the dental orthodontic wire cutter instrument sharp and shiny. The following surgical sharpening tips will help you, in case you wish to sharpen your instrument on your own.

Dental instruments sharpening tips

Tip 1: Wear protective Goggles to protect your eye from chemicals and fine metal particles that will fly out while sharpening metals.

Tip 2: If you are using natural sharpening stone like Arkansas to sharpen your dental instrument then lubricate it with oil, but if you are using any manmade stone for medical device sharpening then dip the stone in water, that will lubricate it enough. The idea behind lubricating the stone is to make the movement of surgical instruments swift on the stone.

Tip 3: sit comfortably or stand firm, whichever feels comfortable to you, before starting the process. If you cannot maintain the balance while sharpening the medical device then you run a risk of breaking the blade, and there is always a risk of hurting yourself by the flying metal blade because of the breaking.

Tip 4: If you are left-handed person then hold the handle of the instrument in your left hand and blade in the right. This will help you move the dental instrument much more swiftly on the stone. Do the opposite if you are right-handed person. The idea is to use the strong hand to move the instrument while using the palm of other hand to support the blade, which is getting sharpened.

Tip 5: Focus on the blade and the stone when sharpening the blade. Do not think of other things, however important they are. You are not a medical device sharpening expert, so you need to focus more on the exercise. If you lose focus, you do not only run a risk of breaking the instrument, but there is a greater risk of hurting yourself.


Medical device sharpening is a specialized task, and only a specialist should be doing this. But as you are trying to get your dental instrument sharpened, it is important for you to maintain calm and take the work easily. Fretting out will only make things worse. You need to focus on surgical sharpening only, and nothing else. This should cut it for you.


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