Medical Drug Treatment And Twelve Step Drug Treatment

Medical Drug Treatment has proven to be very effective in the beginning stages of treating drug addiction. The medical field has been able to master the detox aspect of Drug treatment as well as nursing a drug addict back to physical health.

In certain, extreme, cases a medical detox and aftercare program is the only safe way to approach drug treatment. This is true in cases of very hard opiate, benzo, and alcohol users. People who are addicted to these substances often times consume such high volumes that to withdraw without medical supervision could potentially mean death. cocaine withdrawal symptoms treatment for depressant users is best initiated and overseen by someone who has a vast amount of experience within the field.

In rare cases, stimulant users will require a medical detox. The reason for this is usually because of the psychological effects that stimulants have on the user. Unlike depressant users, stimulant addicts can usually detox on their own.

Where the Medical field falls short in the world of drug treatment is in long term solution to drug addiction. There is no known medical cure for curing drug addicts.

Twelve Step Program Drug Treatment

Over the past 75 years twelve step programs have sprung up all over the world and offered a solution for just about every addiction known to man. They have become very popular in the long term drug treatment and recovery of drug addicts.

Twelve step drug treatment is known for its unique approach on the spiritual (but not religious) flank. Twelve step programs have mastered the art of free help for sick people and have also managed to build a very large well organized society of recovered addicts.

They specialize in the long term and even permanent drug treatment and recovery of addicts.

In conclusion, the difference is that the medical field is useful in the infant stages of drug treatment and twelve step programs have found a long term solution. Actually, most doctors will recommend their patients to twelve step programs for their drug treatment. So, these two separate fields have steadily begun to work as one.


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