Newborn Photography Props – Ten Most Useful Props for Newborn Photographers

1. Mom and Pop

Although not technically a prop, the child’s mom and dad are one of the most overlooked inclusions in infant photography. The roll of mom and dad in baby newborn photoshoot Toronto is to show the family as a total unit. The child should be portrayed as either an extension of the parents body or as being surrounded by one or both parents. In many resent infant photos, babies are being posed with mom and dad’s wedding rings around their little fingers and toes. This is a great way to show the bonds of family and the love that is extended to the member.

2. Hats

Babies in hats are just adorable. There are many cute hats available sized for newborns. After all, their little head might get cold! If you are more of the crafty type there are many free patterns available online and at your nearest hobby store to knit or crochet. If you are not so crafty there are many artists in your area that would enjoy a little bit of your business. Hats that work the best have large ruffles, flowers or buttons sewn onto them. Also hats with ears, eyes or other animal features are highly popular.

3. Cocoon

These go by many names. Cocoon, swathe and pea-pod are just a few. They are a lot like a swaddle but not so structured. Often they are made of cloth and come in two varieties. There are open cocoons in which the infants entire body can be seen curled up inside. There are also closed cocoons that look more like a sleeping bag and only the baby’s head or arms can be seen sticking out. Cocoons also come in hanging varieties.

4. Fabric

Like the backdrops of traditional portrait photographers, fabric of all colors and textures provide the backdrops of modern newborn photography. Sheets of fabric can be used as a simple surface covering or background for your photography. They can also be used to build up three dimensional surfaces for posing the newborn on. Babies this young are not capable of posing themselves and lush layers of fabric will help to hold them up. Look for fabrics that provide a variety of textures and complimentary color schemes.

5. Antique Produce Scale

The first thing that dad tells everybody he calls about his new baby is how much it weights. I don’t really know why that is, but a photograph of the same sentiment is just as meaningful. Though modern digital scales can be used to the same effect, there is nothing quite as charming as seeing a newborn baby posed and sleeping in an old produce scale. Look for scales with rich patinas and bold numbers. Remember that curves and shapes are primary elements in your photography. Don’t forget to be mindful of rust and sharp metal edges. Infants have very delicate skin.

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