The Great Debate About Getting a PlayStation Portable

The Great Debate About Getting a PlayStation Portable

While no one debated the many merits of the system, the argument was overshadowed by older gamers who were upset when something was left off the device – support for UMD’s.

However, the tide turned quickly, and even the most vocal critics have been swayed by the enhanced gaming experience the system provides.

Here are 3 reasons why you should get PlayStation portable:

1. Sexy, sleek design: The aesthetics of the PSP Go are unparalleled. If you’re someone who loves having the latest innovative gadgets, especially ones that are stylish and sophisticated, you’ll love the PSP Go.

The slimmed down size (33% smaller than the PSP 3000) and decreased weight of the PSP Go (16% lighter) make it perfect for storing in a pocket. It’s literally the most portable system on the market. Another cool feature is the slide out control mechanism. It’s smooth, durable, and surprisingly fun to open and close.

2. Abundance of Stellar Gaming Features and More: For such a small device, the PSP Go is a powerful system. It includes massive internal memory storage, bluetooth support, a USB which offers fast, high speed connection, and many other multi media options. You can view videos, photos, play music, and browse the web. The device even has a built in microphone for communication via Skype.

Of course, that’s all secondary to the quality of the gaming experience. The PSP Go provides a bigger playing screen and bright, crisp, graphics. The visual appeal is simply stunning. The audio is enhanced as well, and provides crystal clear sound, even without headphones. The device offers an intuitive design layout and even provides a pause feature for games. This makes it easy to pull it out and resume playing, even if you only have a few minutes.

3. Completely Portable System: There are no clunky UMD’s to haul around. The PSP Go embraces the future of gaming with 100% all digital content. While many older players were upset at the lack of a UMD drive, they are fast becoming converts.

ps4 game offers an ever expanding list of titles in its store, and as the selection has grown, the grumbling over the UMD drive has died down considerably. Digital is only going to get more prevalent, and will eventually have to be accepted as the norm in the gaming industry.

(The experience is similar to when CD’s were introduced. We all eventually converted over, and were amazed at the clarity and quality of the CD, but some of us grudgingly held onto our cassette tapes and put up a fuss at the beginning.)

The PlayStation portable was made to be the most portable gaming system on the market. It succeeded brilliantly. Everything about the device, every feature and every design element, was held to this rigorous standard. When you get PlayStation portable, you’re not just getting a remarkable gaming device, you’re literally holding the future of gaming in your hands.

If you’re looking to Get PlayStation Portable Go then get ready to experience a complete solution for your mobile lifestyle.



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