The Importance of Sunlight & Nature in Landscaping

Landscaping is a process that works with, alongside and against nature depending on what you’re trying to achieve. We all know that nature in the long-run will typically prevail and we acknowledge this in lifespan expectations in the technology and chemicals used in the tools and products aimed at landscaping professionals. One part of nature often overlooked is the Sun; a commonality with interior designers who are indeed the landscapers of the inside of a property. The impact of the Sun and the way its light interacts with design aspects and natural vegetation has the potential to both enhance and detract from the overall aesthetic of a garden design in a removing tree stumps considerable way. This makes it an important consideration for landscapers.

How Does the Position of The Sun Affect The Garden

Every single colour and material finish chosen in a garden space will change in appearance depending on the angle and intensity of the sun throughout the year. Whilst this seems quite obvious, the variation that this can lead to is greater than one would first imagine. Consideration for how light and dark shades interact with your colour choices demands some thought for all seasons, low and high sun and also in the context of changing vegetation during these times.

The Usability of Garden Space

When considering the space in a garden that sees the majority of the footfall, especially when that involves entertaining space, the way light interacts with the surroundings is very important.  It’s essential to create a space that’s exposed to the sun but is able to be shaded when necessary. Taking steps to understand the compass direction in which the garden faces is a starting point as that will determine factors such as whether such a space should be attached directly to the house or set away somewhat to capture the most light. Of course, there are more considerations than sunlight, but with the great British weather means taking full advantage of the Summer months when they come.

Plants & Behaviour in Sunlight

For anybody familiar with general gardening know-how, sunlight and plants have an unbreakable relationship which is unlikely to be influenced heavily by the decisions we make in designs. Whilst we choose where a plant is placed, our next point of influence is the amount of shade and direct sunlight the plant receives. It’s where this insight into horticulture is used within landscaping design ideas the interaction between nature and landscaping products works best.

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