Three Types of Pallet Lifts

Pallet lifts are a piece of machinery that allows you to move pallets and goods on pallets easily, safely and conveniently. They are incredibly popular as they help to increase productivity in any type industry they are usually used in – the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, warehouses, IT stores, food storage industries, retail warehouses, and many more industries. pallets lifts are the best to use in these types of situations.

Pallet jacks, as they are otherwise called, have truly helped to increase productivity in a very real way. Unloading a box car, for example, now can take less that four hours whereas during the 1930’s it could take as much as three days to unload the car. This change in productivity is notable, and it’s all because of a rather simple design that has certainly improved over the years.

Improvements have brought all sorts of different kind of models. Here are some:

1) Powered pallet trucks

These run on electromotors which pick up and deposit goods without someone needing to lift the forks with a hydraulic lift or in any manual way. In other words things are automatic. This often makes it much more safer and convenient to use, although these pallet trucks cannot usually lift as much as manual lifts – but they are usually more maneuverable as well.

2) Adjustable pallet trucks

These are very ingenious inventions when it comes to pallet trucks. Rather than needing to get different pallet trucks for different environments or pallets, adjustable trucks allow you to adjust the forks by bringing them closer together or further away, adjusting their height capabilities or allowing for the forks to be removed and longer or shorter forks to be loaded onto the pallet truck.

3) Printers hand pallet trucks

These have small printers on the pallet truck which allow you to print out certain details of the pallets and goods you are lifting. You can print the weight of the goods and many other such things.

Crane pallet lifts are for much higher lifting, and are therefore much more expensive and larger pieces of equipment. One can still get some crane pallet jacks for narrow environments, but many of them cannot move around much either. Some can, but there are many models in this category that cannot. But these make great stackers because they can lift goods so high.

It’s important with a pallet jack that all the wheels remain on the ground at most times. For this reason many pallet jacks are able to manage un-even environments through a wheel system that ensures that all wheels are on the ground at all times.


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