Top Three Reasons for Why You Should Get Professional Ebook Formatting

Top Three Reasons for Why You Should Get Professional Ebook Formatting

An author has one principal goal, and that is to sell their book. The traditional way of having a book published to reach the reading public has been outdone by ebooks. An author need not worry anymore about the aggravation of going from one publisher to another just to have their book published to eventually reach their target reader.

Publishing an eBook is also less expensive and faster than the conventional way of publishing a book. But publishing an eBook also needs the expertise of the professionals. To try and publish your eBook without help from a professional eBook designer could spell failure for an author.

The top three reasons why you should get professional eBook formatting are below:

1. You want your eBook to be successful – Of course the goal of every author is to sell their tom swift ebooks. To achieve this goal your eBook should stand out from amongst the rest. Only a professional ecover design that is well formatted and has a professional layout can help you achieve this goal. eBook design and formatting specialists are essential to help you produce an eBook that will attract the widest audience on the web.

2. You can prevent the customary formatting mistakes- Your eBook formatting professional is more knowledgeable on how to best present your eBook on the screen, avoiding the most common formatting errors committed in eBook publishing. These formatting errors can be:

a. The use of several different fonts and styles in the body of the book making your eBook lacking in consistency
b. Creating blank pages in your eBook because of several paragraph returns to indicate page breaks
c. Using spaces instead of the indent features of Word.

There are many formatting mistakes that can be overlooked by the author; as a result it is important to have an eBook design and formatting service provided by a professional, to ensure that you are delivering nothing less than top quality to your customers.

3. You want your reader to enjoy reading your eBook – Of course once you’ve sold your ebook, you also want the reader to enjoy your book. The story or the content of the eBook is not in question because as its author you are pretty confident that it is the best book you’ve written. It is how it is presented on the screen that will spell the difference between satisfaction and dissatisfaction by your reader.

Professional eBook design and eBook formatting will help you make your eBook more readable and understandable to your reader. The right selection of fonts to use for your eBook will prevent unnecessary eye strain to your reader and will make your eBook more interesting and appealing.

An expert eBook design and formatting specialist will give your eBook the final touches to ensure the buyer is satisfied with their purchase. To ensure that your eBook is perceived as value for money by your buyers, professional eBook formatting should not be neglected.



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