Why Choose Home Tuition Or Group Tutoring?

Why Choose Home Tuition Or Group Tutoring?

If you’ve read one of the other articles, Tuition Centres vs. Home Tutoring, then you’ll be familiar with the many advantages that home tutoring has over tuition centres.

One of the greatest advantages is, of course, the ratio of teachers to students. With tuition centres, you can have one lone teacher instructing dozens of students. With all the topics and exercises to cover in just an hour or two, how can the tuition teacher cater to the individual needs of every student?

Whereas with private home tutoring, one tutor is assigned to one student. The student will receive 100% of the tutor’s time, attention and effort. That is why Home Tuition Express focuses heavily on private home tutoring, where a tutor with the right set of knowledge and skills meets the student at home or some other suitable place.

That being said, there are some students or parents who specially request Home chinese tuition seng kang Express to introduce a tutor who is experienced in group tutoring. Instead of one-to-one tutoring, the student prefers to be taught together with a group of friends.

Why might someone choose group tutoring sessions over private, one-to-one tutoring sessions?

One important reason might be the atmosphere of learning and studying among a group of close friends. Sometimes, facing studies can feel daunting by oneself. If the student and his/her friends follow the tutor’s lessons together, they can build a sense of camaraderie where they encourage and spur one another to work harder and do their best. They might even develop some healthy, friendly competition among themselves to see who can master the subject best!

This also includes the times when the tutor isn’t around – after all, the tutor can’t spend 24 hours a day with the students! If a group of students have been learning together under the tutor, then they will more easily be able to discuss what they have learnt and do practise exercises together during their free time.

Another reason can be summed up in the saying: ‘Two heads are better than one.’ Sometimes, a student might not think he or she has any question to ask the tutor during the lesson. However, one of the student’s friends might have a question to ask – and everyone will gain from listening as the tutor answers the question. With several friends attending the group tutoring session, there will be more minds pondering the lesson from different angles.

On that note, there are some teaching methods designed to keep students interested in the lesson that simply can’t be carried out without a group of students. For example, the tutor might ask for opinions and ideas from the students, or start a group discussion or a debate. Combining this aspect with ‘friendly competition’ mentioned above, the tutor can split the students into teams and have them challenge one another in a quiz session – something that doesn’t work quite the same way with just one student!

Of course, with one-to-one tutoring the student has the benefit of getting 100% of the tutor’s attention.

But this doesn’t mean that in group tutoring, some students will be neglected – at least, not with Home Tuition Express!

Home Tuition Express only introduces the services of the best and most dedicated tutors. That is why we have our unique ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’. If the tutor we recommend does not meet your expectations in the first lesson (whether in one-to-one or group tutoring), we will not charge you for that first lesson. We will even recommend a different tutor to replace the first. Therefore, with Home Tuition Express, students will receive as much attention as they need even in group tutoring. Students don’t stand to lose anything by requesting for group tutoring through Home Tuition Express!



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