Writing Good Software Test Cases and Bug Reports

Creating an effective software is the work of an expert. But after days of hard work there might be some problematic areas in a software. If light is thrown upon these areas on time, then the software can be made more user friendly and effective. There lies the importance of writing effective software testing cases and bug reports. As per some experts, such reporting can correct an error before it is known, thus, helping the company to profit more from the software. This is the reason why most of the programmers take the help of Software Testing Company to get to the point product testing report.

As it is known by now that test cases and bug reports are of utmost importance to programmers so let us take a step further and try to learn the tricks of writing such reports.

Test Cases – It is a report that describes the various aspects of a software – its inputs, actions and any problems with response. This report helps programmers to determine whether all the features in a software are working properly or not. Test cases also bring in some sort of standardization to the testing procedure.

There are various levels of test cases written by the software testing companies.

  • The first level of test cases comprise writing basic test cases that can be compiled from the given specifications and documents.
  • In the second level, the writer should try to write about the functionalities of a given application. This is more of a practical stage.
  • The third level involves compiling many test cases to write the test procedure. A maximum of 10 test cases may be taken to make a test procedure.
  • The fourth level strives to make the system automated so that the testers need less time in future while testing any application.

While writing test cases for an application make sure that it covers key areas such as functionality, negatives and boundary values. The cases should be written in easy to understand language and expressions and should be to-the-point.Bug Reports – Bugs can be quite a distraction for any application. A bug report from a software testing services make sure that the chances of removing bugs from the application are higher. If a report does not contain information about a bug found then it is likely that the programmer will ignore it. This will hamper the application in the long run.

An effective bug report should address the following key points:


  • Give a number to each bug. This will help to recognize the bug easily and will allow you to use the automated bug-reporting tool that will show the bug number each time you specify it.
  • Mention the steps on how to reproduce the bug. Skipping any step will lead to problems.
  • Use minimum words to state the problem and its solution (if you have it). Do not be too descriptive and combine many problems at a time.

With a properly documented test case or bug report you are sure to get good value for your hard work. It is also very important to opt for reliable and well-established software testing services. 



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