How To Find Out If A 24-Hour Medical Clinic Provides Ambulance Services

How To Find Out If A 24-Hour Medical Clinic Provides Ambulance Services

How To Find Out If A 24-Hour Medical Clinic Provides Ambulance Services

A 24-hour walk in clinic is likely to be the right choice for you in case of an emergency, especially one that does not require ambulance services. This is because clinics offer high quality care without the long wait normally associated with hospital emergency rooms. At a 24-hour medical clinic, you can walk in and see a doctor within 15 minutes.

In preparation for an emergency that would require ambulatory transport, it is important to know in advance whether a given 24-hour medical clinic provides ambulance services. In order to find out useful information about whether a 24-hour walk in clinic will send an ambulance in an emergency, you will want to start by researching any 24-hour emergency clinic which is located near where you live and work. You can perform an Internet search or look through the yellow pages of a phonebook for any specific urgent care in your area. Then you can get the information you need either on the website of the 24-hour emergency clinic or from the clinic itself by calling the number listed on the Internet or in the phonebook. On a website, information about whether a 24-hour telehealth medical clinic provides ambulance transportation might be found on a page where the clinic’s services are described or on a page that addresses frequently asked questions. If the 24-hour medical clinic does not mention ambulance transportation on the website, you can view the contact information on the site and call to find out.

After researching every 24-hour emergency clinic you think is necessary, you can compile a list of those you might call or visit in an emergency. For example, you might want to be aware of every urgent clinic closest to your neighborhood, your workplace and perhaps even your child’s school. That way, if an emergency comes up any time or anywhere, you have options besides dialing 9-1-1. You can avoid the lines and long wait times of hospital emergency rooms and get treatment from competent professionals in emergency situations.



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