Tops and How to Rock Them With Your Body Type

Tops and How to Rock Them With Your Body Type

Tops are the most obvious item in a woman’s outfit. People will most likely remember the blouse that you wore yesterday, than the pants that went with it. At a party full of strangers, your friend could be introducing you from afar as “that girl wearing blue floral top”, which is way more sensible than saying “that girl wearing faded jeans”- which is like describing just about boho halter tops anyone in the room. The easiest way to identify someone is by the color or print of the top, especially when no face is familiar.

Indeed, tops are the most noticed part in the clothes you wear. This is why the range of style choices is incredible. Your top can define the look you are going for. Changing from a casual shirt blouse to a sexy evening tank switches your style dramatically and instantly.

However, with the number of selections, it may be very confusing which tops are for you. There are actually styles, cuts, and prints appropriate to flatter the wearer. First, know your body type – to reduce the risks of failing to make your top work and possibly wasting money, of course. Here is a guide to getting the right style for your body:

  • Pear shaped is heavier at the bottom. This body type has narrow shoulders, smaller bust, defined waist, wide hips, thighs, and buttocks.

The right tops will draw attention toward your upper torso. Fitted, vertical stripes, and quarter length blouses are best for you. Stay away from baggy tops and those that end at the buttocks area, because they tend to emphasize the wideness of the middle section. They also don’t do anything for your tiny waist. Wider necklines will show off your collar and shoulder bones.

  • Hourglass shape is a well-proportionate upper and lower body. This body type is the most popular with defined curves and well balanced bust to hip ratio. The legs are mostly nicely shaped and long.

The right top for hourglass bodies can be almost anything. With many assets to flaunt, just choose some parts to show off and refrain from emphasizing everything at once. V-necks and scoops are good to complement your bust. Wide trimmings on waist area or wrap blouses accentuate the slim waistline.

  • The boyish or straight shape has very slight curves. The waist is less defined, with narrow hips and humble bust.

The right tops for boyish shapes are the ones that can definitely rock high necklines such as crew neck shirts and turtle neck blouses. High necklines enhance the actual size of the chest and make them look fuller. Cowl neck tops for boyish shapes are also good for chest volume without looking too heavy at the top. Some frills and pleats from the waist downwards will give you a slimmer looking waist and more defined curves. Sleeveless and halter-tops are also best since this body type comes with great shoulders. However, try to stay away from strapless or tube blouses as they flatten the chest.


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